Workforce FAQ

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How do I register?

To register by phone with a valid credit card, call 281.425.6311. You may also register by printing the online registration form and mailing it to the Center for Workforce & Community Development at P.O, Box 818 Baytown, TX 77522. You may also register in-person at 909 Decker Drive, Baytown, TX.

Where is your office, and how late are you open?

Workforce and Community Development
909 Decker Dr., Baytown, TX 77520
Phone: 281.425.6311

What are your office hours?

Our hours are posted on the Workforce home page.

What type of disability services do you offer?

Disability Support Services (ADA Compliance): Lee College is dedicated to providing access and services in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Support services for students with disabilities are provided on an individual basis, upon the student's request. Requests for these services should be made through the Lee College Counseling Center at 281.425.6384.

Do you offer installment payment plans?

Installment Payment Plans are available to students on most healthcare programs. At the time of registration, an installment payment plan requires 50% of the program fees, textbook cost (if included in program fees) and a non-refundable $20 installment payment plan charge. Late fees will be assessed for any late installment payments.

Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarships are available for qualified applicants enrolling in specific healthcare and workforce training programs. Please call 281.425.6311 for information.

Will my personal information be shared?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), was established to protect the privacy rights of all students. The Act specifies the types of student information which can be released to the public without the student’s expressed consent and specifies the persons and agencies who may receive other information regarding students. The student’s information which, according to FERPA, a college may release to the public without students’ permission is referred to as “directory information.” The information included in the FERPA definition of directory information includes: name, address, telephone, date and place of birth, degree(s) earned and date, major and field of study, academic classification, dates of attendance, number of semester hours in progress and attained to date, previous high school and college attended and weight and height of members of athletic teams. Students may request that Lee College withhold their directory information from the general public. To do so, students must check the appropriate box on the registration form.

Does your college offer emergency phone notification?

We are pleased to announce that Lee College has a state-of- the-art notification system that is capable of sending alerts instantly. You may choose to receive notifications on your: mobile phone (text message), Blackberry, wireless PDA, pager, email address, Lee College website, Google, Yahoo, or AOL home page. It only takes a minute to register and you will receive: Weather cancellations, delays and emergency conditions. You may also check on any of the optional groups listed from which you would like to receive notifications. To register, go to and simply complete the form. You will need to have your cell phone turned on to complete the process.

Do you offer job placement?

The Career and Transfer Services Office functions as an equal opportunity employer referral service assisting current and former Lee College students in obtaining employment. Students can register to get access to the Rebel Job Link, a computerized job database listing current employment opportunities. Visit the website at

Where do I park?

To park on campus, every student must have a parking permit which allows for him/her to park in any parking spaces that is not reserved parking. Permits are provided at the first class or may be picked up in the Community Education Office. Parking permits must be displayed on the dash of a vehicle. Parking violations will be issued.

Can I register and pay for a friend or family member?

Yes. However, you will need to fill out a separate registration form for your friend or family member, which requires you to include all of their personal information (e.g. date of birth, address, phone number, etc.).

Is there Financial Aid for Continuing Education classes?

Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) funds are available for qualified applicants enrolling in specific workforce training programs that are 96 hours or more. Eligibility for funds is based on individual financial need and student enrollment in workforce courses as long as funds are available. If approved, TPEG funds cover only 40% of the course/program fees. It is the student’s responsibility to pay for the remaining amount. Applicants are approved on a first come, first served basis. The application process takes about two weeks. Students applying for TPEG, will be required to complete the FAFSA application online at For more information, call 281.425.6311.

Can I register for a class after it has started?

In order to maintain instruction of the highest quality, and to be fair to all students who registered prior to the first class session, we are not able to allow registration into any class (with the exception of select physical fitness classes) past the first class session. Also, for any late registration, we are not able to pro-rate the class cost and our regular refund policy will still be in effect.

Can I put my name on a wait list for a class that is full?

Yes, call 281.425.6311 to be added to the wait list.

Can I sit in on one class session to see if I like it and then register?

No. You must register for any class you wish to attend.

What is your refund policy?

You can drop a class for a full refund up to three business days before the first class meets by calling the center 281.425.6311. The refund policy is:

  • Three days before the first class meets: 100 percent class fees.
  • Thereafter: no refund.

What happens when a class is canceled?

The College reserves the right to cancel any class if the enrollment is low or for other valid reasons. The College may change the day, time of day or location of a class. In the event of a class cancellation or change prior to the start of the course, students will be contacted and may select another class or request a full refund. Refunds will be returned in the method of which they were originally made. Cash payments will be returned by check.

If the minimum enrollment requirements are not met, a class is canceled three business days before scheduled start date. The registration clerks will attempt to contact students if a class is canceled, however it is the responsibility of the student to check the status of the class prior to attending. Students may check class status by calling 281.425.6311.

A 100% refund will be issued to all students registered in a class that is canceled because of low enrollment; however, this does not include any installment fees. The costs incurred for the required immunizations, criminal background check, drug screen, CPR class, testing fees, etc., are the students’ responsibility whether or not the class makes with the required minimum enrollment.

How do I drop a class?

Call the center 281.425.6311 to drop your class, read refund policy above for more information.

Do I really need to take the prerequisite if I think my skills are sufficient?

If a class lists a prerequisite, we strongly recommend that you take it. However, if you have taken similar classes at another location, or have previous experience that covers the content of the prerequisite, you may choose not to take the prerequisite. Overall, we just ask that you assess your skill level and select a class that you feel will be most appropriate for you. If you would like assistance to help you determine your skill level, please call 281.425.6311 or email

What is the age requirement for classes?

Our classes are intended for students 18 years of age and older, unless stated otherwise in the class title or class description.

Can I register my child for a class that is listed above/below the child’s age/grade level?

Register your child according to the age and/or grade level outlined for the class. If your child is not enrolled in the appropriate age and/or grade level, we reserve the right to reassign your child to a more suitable class (if space is available) or drop your child’s registration with a full refund.

Can I transfer from one section of a class to another once either section has started?

No, unfortunately this isn’t allowed due to different instructors teaching the same course.

Do I need to purchase a book for my class?

If a class has a textbook, it will be stated within the class description. If a class fee includes the cost of the textbook, it will also be stated within the class description and are typically distributed on the first day of class. If you see a USB symbol, it means that you need a flash/thumb drive.

As a Workforce & Community Development student, do I get a discount on software at your bookstore or anywhere else?

Please contact our Bookstore at 281.425.6360 or email

How do I know if the college is closed due to inclement weather?

A notice will be placed on our website and it’s also listed in the online schedule. You may sign up for emergency text notification, read above for steps to enroll.

Do you schedule a make-up if/when a class is canceled due to weather, college closing, etc.?

Yes. Every effort will be made to schedule a make-up when a class has been canceled due to inclement weather, instructor illness or any other college emergency. Your instructor will be notified if/when a make-up class is scheduled, and he/she will then notify the students at their next class. If the make-up class is imminent, the W&CD Office staff will notify the students by phone and/or email.

Can I attend another class as a make-up if I miss my regular class?

No. You may only attend a class to which you are registered for.

What are CEUs?

CEUs are Continuing Education Units. They are different from traditional college credits in that they do not count toward a degree or certificate. Some organizations require that their professionals obtain a certain number of CEUs within a specific time frame.

How are W&CD classes graded and/or CEUs awarded?

W&CD classes are graded on a pass/fail basis. Students who successfully pass a class will receive a ‘P’ grade while students who do not pass will receive an ‘F’ grade. To receive a passing grade (and be awarded CEUs), students will need to attend 100% of a class that meets eight hours or less, or attend 90% of a class that meets nine hours or more. NOTE: If the State of Texas requires 100% attendance to award CEUs for a particular class (e.g., Teacher Recertification, Nursing, etc.), that requirement overrides W&CD requirements.

Will I receive a certificate and/or transcript at the end of my class?

Unless it is a specially designated class (e.g., Certified Nurse Aide, Welding, etc.), you will not receive a certificate stating that you have completed a class. For proof of class completion, please send your written request to receive an unofficial transcript. To request an official copy of your transcript to send to potential employers or other educational institutions, please call 281.425.6312. The cost of an official transcript is $2. Transcripts are processed within 1 to 2 days. NOTE: All obligations to Lee College must be cleared before transcripts or certificates may be released.

Can I get in touch with one of the instructors?

We are only able to provide you with an instructor’s contact information if he or she has authorized us to do so. If not, we will take your contact information and pass it along.

How do I make changes to my personal contact information?

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the college of any changes to name, address, phone, or email, as this information is used to send class confirmation or to contact you regarding changes in class status. Entering new contact information on your registration form does not automatically update your student record, unless you are registering in person. If not registering in person, name, address, and phone changes must be submitted on a Personal Data Change Form. Name changes require a copy of your driver’s license or Social Security card.

Do you have a Lost and Found?

Yes. Items that are left behind are turned in to Campus Security office. Security can be reached at 281.425.6475.