Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)

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One-on-One Assistance Available

The Lee College EOC can assist you remotely through free Zoom services.

The Lee College Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) continues to help students ONE-ON-ONE with all of your get-into-college needs, including:

  • Completing a FAFSA
  • Completing a college application
  • FAFSA verifications
  • FAFSA corrections
  • Checking status of your financial aid
  • Assisting with scholarship applications


  • Anjelica Barragan – Office Mgr. / Secretary
  • Luis Rios – Office Assistant
  • Shirley Dixon, M.Ed. – Education Specialist
  • Vicki Haberman, M.A. – Education Specialist
  • Linda Lott-Owens, M.S. – Education Specialist
  • Dr. James Todd, Ph.D. – Director

Lee College EOC began serving adults in East Harris, Chambers, and Liberty counties in 2002. EOC has a history of serving more than 1,500 participants annually.

Goals: Educational Opportunity Center Program

  • Provide counseling and information on college admissions to qualified persons who want to enter or continue a program of post-secondary education.
  • Provide services to improve the financial and economic literacy of participants.
  • Counsel participants on financial aid options, including basic financial planning skills.
  • Assist in the entire financial aid application process.
  • Increase the number of participants who enroll in post-secondary education institutions.

What Do We Do? Includes Remote (In-Person, One-on-One) Services

Assistance with ...

  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Literacy
  • Student Financial Assistance
  • College Admissions Applications
  • Personal Counseling
  • Academic Advice
  • GED Referrals
  • Under-Representation in Post-Secondary Education

Special Assistance

  • First Generation College Student
  • Limited English Proficient
  • Veterans and Active Duty Spouse and Children
  • Disabilities
  • Homeless Children and Youth
  • Foster Care or Aging out of Foster Care
  • Low or No Income

How Can We Assist You?

We want to establish a partnership with you. Upon completion of our EOC application, we can assist you with the following:

  • A college application at the college(s) of your choice
  • Complete the required FAFSA document
  • A student loan application
  • Decisions about a college major
  • How to apply for scholarships
  • Resources available on college campuses

What Can You Expect From Us?

  • To give the quality one-on-one assistance we provide each student
  • Assist student immediately who wants to attend any college
  • Provide special follow up with student until first-time college entry.
  • If needed, available to assist student UNTIL completion of the college degree.